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I'm thinking of setting aside a set time for streaming. This way it will encourage me to stream more, as well as be able to stream during the time majority of you guys will be free.

Please comment here with your ideal time for my stream! Include day of the week, time and timezone please~!
First of all, thank you very very much whoever was the kind soul who donated me 1-month subscription on DA! :heart::heart:

Secondly, I just wanted to give a shameless plug that I have a Patreon page now! If you guys have been following me for a while now, you might know my story, but for those who don't know, here's a tl;dr:

I dropped out of college after 2 years because my mother was diagnosed with terminal cancer. After taking care of her and eventually her passing on, I've been struggling between what I should do with my life. My father wanted to give me an "easier" life by moving me back to China and suggesting I teach english part time, as that can earn a good living in China. However, my passion is and only always be drawing and design, so I still tried to get temp jobs related to art. Sadly, the startup company I did work for flopped even though I spend my entire last year drawing everything for their mobile game. Once again at a crossroads, I bit the bullet and decided I wanted to return to the states, and do my best to support myself using my passion and skill to make art. So now here I am, living with my significant other's family, sharing a room with my hubby in their basement.

After spending most of my time working on that game and being unable to keep in much contact with the "outside world" from inside China's firewall, I've fallen behind on drawing. I'm starting from square one again, but I am very hopeful for the future! I know how hard I can work and how much I can give up to chase my passion and my dream of being a freelance illustrator and character designer. But I can't do it alone...

So I hope, if anyone here enjoys my art, and wishes to help, can help support my journey. That's why I opened a Patreon.

There's my small story! Patreon is a site where you can support your favorite creators and get exclusive rewards from them directly, only available to supporters! If any kind generous soul does help me out, you will receive regular rewards that will never ever be available anywhere else, such as progress videos, full PSD files with layers, sketches, private request streams, custom adopts and more!

:iconcolorfulsparklesplz: Please click here to visit my Patreon page! :iconcolorfulsparklesplz:

Thank you guys for hearing me out!! :heart:
hey guys! Maybe some of you were wondering how I disappeared after my last journal... Well long story short was my VPN was blocked by the time I came back to Beijing and couldn't access DA with a decent connection anymore. I'm finally moved back to the states though so Yay for Internet access! I'm still unpacking and recovering from jet lag but starting this week I will resume uploading as well as streaming regularly! Yay!! Other than commissions I have planned some fan work as well as a possible adoptable species~
Update 3/10!!
Heading back now! C: FINALLY JESUS I miss my kitty... I will be happy to be able to internet normally again T u T
I'll be back at home in a day or so since we're driving back.
cries finally

ok so long story short:
dad remarried last year and the stepmom is a really traditional northern chinese and is big on family/traditions/etc. For chinese new years they decided to take a family trip to her hometown in chang chun and I had to meet like 934823948729 relatives from her side for the first time.

good news: They let me be most of the time and I manage to get drawings/commissions done

bad news: we're staying at stepmom's parents house and they DO NOT HAVE WIFI orz idk if anyone knows but since the start of 2015 china has started to hardcore block a ton of vpn services. Both my phone vpns are cripped minus one proxy that's horrendously slow (think 30 second wait to load a text tweet slow)

China has blocked dA since late last year so without good wifi I can barely even load my own page on my phone. So in terms of the internets while i'm out here, I'm pretty stranded. I've been able to keep up with the world through twitter slowly... orz

so everyone waiting on commissions, don't worry, they are being worked on. I had some references saved on my laptop thank god... but I'll probably have to double check everyone's notes again when I get back in case I forgot/missed something and need to edit.

thank you for your patience orz now i will go hide in my room from all the drunken loud relatives......... We should be returning back to beijing in a few days, but since everyone knows everyone (minus me) they are all kind of "oh don't leave stay longer" orz GOD SAVE ME i'msoantisocialandthishurtsmesomuch.........
It's CNY eve right now and just had a few days brimming of family time... orz

Neko Girl-13 (Fangirling Sparkles) [V1] 大家新年快乐 万事如意~Neko Girl-13 (Fangirling Sparkles) [V1] 

man I am not used to family time/CNY... I really prefer peace and quiet and being alone/with close friends....I'm Dead 
Sorry for the lack of updates, been kind of art blocking/distracted/busy with work stuff for a bit before chinese new years.... orz Drawing will resume shortly! Thank you for your patience.
Hey everyone! (ᅌᴗᅌ* )

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We have prints, charms, keychains and pins! Loads of fandoms to choose from!~ Most of the art isn't uploaded to DA! If things go well, we might add more products as well~ :heart:

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StoreEnvy Charms! by MoorinaStoreEnvy Keychains! by Moorina

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Thank you guys for any support!!~ °˖ ✧◝(○ ヮ ○)◜✧˖ °
EDIT: After a month I finally received a reply back from the convention, and they gave me this hilariously callous reply:

Dear Sir,

Our apologies for coming back to you later than expected, we were looking for information about your troubles.

We understand your situation, but we unfortunately cannot take action without a claim from the authors while on the convention.

If you happen to come visit one of our conventions, we invite you to come talk to a staff member so we can see what we can do.

Remaining available for further information,

Best regards,

Marion SMAL



So basically, if a person steals art and makes money off of stolen art, but no creators are around to counter it, they can just keep on selling. Great.


Original post below:

A watcher has brought to my attention one of my works being printed on shirts and sold at a Con in France. They suspect other artists are victims as well. I don't know what I can do, as the watcher told me the con people refused to do anything about the booth selling the shirts. If anyone can possible provide any help or information, that would be greatly appreciated. I don't have a facebook account, but I doubt if I did make one to contact them it would make any difference.

Here is my original artwork:
Art Trade for Pikiru by Moorina
Here is the photo the watcher send me:


Here is the booth's supposed facebook provided by watcher:

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Commission Status: Wait List Available

Note me if you would like to be added to the wait list!

If you'd like to commission me for bigger projects/commercial work, please email me:

Gaia Online Shop

Terms of Service

When ordering you accept you agree to the following:
:star:The commission is for personal, non-commercial use by the commissioner only.
:star:Do not copy, edit or trace/reference my artwork.
:star:I will not start until I receive the payment in full(pt commissions will have to wait the 2 weeks).
:star:Cannot be cancelled once payment is received unless I give refunds.
:star:Only minimal adjustments can be made after I finish. If you are unsure ask for sketch approval!
:star:Make sure to clearly state if you require something like a deadline.
:star:I am allowed full artistic liberties outside of your requirements.
:star:rules can be added/changed as I see fit
:star:if you violate any rules, I have the right to blacklist you/refuse to do your art


What I can do
Original or fanart, kemonomimi, game/site avatars, cute elderly, ecchi

Not preferred
Manly, crazy spiky hair, lots of facial hair, armor, overly detailed, clutter, weaponry, detailed animal/creatures, NSFW


Coming soon: simple chibi!

Chibi: $45 USD/4500 Points 

c:charmsu by Moorinac:lovelychu by Moorinac:rerolune by Moorina

  • Max 2 characters in one drawing.
  • +$5: Complex design. Ask me if unsure! See bottom of journal for examples.
  • +$5: Large companion/plush(More than half the height of the chibi)
  • +10: Large weaponry
  • You will receive full-size, none-watermarked piece via note.
+$5 USD/ 500 Points  (shipping included)
In addition to your digital copy, I will make a large keychain for you with your commission and shipped to you! If you'd like this, let me know in your note~ US/Canada only.
:iconcolorfulsparklesplz:StoreEnvy Keychains! by Moorina:iconcolorfulsparklesplz:

Coming soon: waist-up!!


Form - note the form to me with title of Commission.
Image ref: No text references please.
Keychain: Y/N
Character info: make this short please!
Notes: specific demands, deadlines, etc.
Payment Total: let me know if paying with paypal or Points 

Examples of complex designs
c:hopeh by Moorinac:hopeh by Moorinac:koriru by Moorinac:Kamix Kali by Moorina